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As Seen On TV, Inc. is the leading multichannel distributor of As Seen On TV products, publicly traded under the symbol ASTV. The company, founded by pioneer and principal architect of the infomercial industry Kevin Harrington, serves up fun for engaged consumers worldwide. Customers can find 1,500 products from As Seen on TV across any product category, including Household, Kitchen, Outdoor, Health & Beauty, Fitness, Clothing, Electronics, Toys, Novelty, Pets, and Food. Celebrities and industry experts often endorse As Seen On TV products for their inventive nature and utility.

Our Mission

At As Seen On TV, We put a smile on your face™ with innovative consumer products.

Our Values

As Seen On TV, Inc. encourages respect for employees, investors, partners, and customers. The company builds its reputation on quality, reliability and fair value for money spent. Employees demonstrate honesty and transparency in our business and personal dealings. As Seen On TV, Inc. is dedicated to building shareholder value and is committed to keeping investors well informed on company strategies and achievements. Through integrity, diligence and innovation, As Seen On TV has become the industry leader for As Seen On TV products.